LIVE Video – Streaming Servers

Posted on July 10, 2010August 11, 2011Posted in Featured Articles

Streaming /  On Demand video servers are now available. Click here for pricing and detailed info.

Custom Video Player Demo

[stream base=x:/ flv=Intenzyme_TM_500x.flv img=Preview.jpg embed=true share=true dock=true controlbar=over skin=imeo.swf autostart=false /]

  • LIVE Video Streaming ability
  • Video streaming to mobile devices
  • Video upload, convert, embed tools
  • Custom video players
  • Video clips on demand
  • Streaming internet TV channels
  • Click overlays for advertising/promotions/call-to-actions
  • Media popularity reports and viewer statistics
  • Support to custom embed YouTube videos
  • Streaming software for server and client interfaces

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