Datacenter, Network & Administration Team

Delivery Hosting, Inc. is a wholly owned, debt-free subsidiary of The Delivery Agency, Inc. We strive to provide our clients with Hosting, Networking, Monitoring, and E-commerce solutions that are flexible, reliable and secure. Our specialties include assessing client needs and developing complete, long-term hosting strategies that fuel online initiatives.

World Class Facility

Our servers are located in One Wilshire, known as “The World’s Most Connected Building”. This 30-story, 650,000+ square foot facility, located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles is also the home of over 120 Telecom companies, including AT&T, Cable & Wireless, China Telecom, Level3, MCI Worldcom and Sprint.

Connectivity, Infrastructure and Security are top priorities for all tenants in the building. This includes around-the-clock security staff, raised floors and halon fire suppression systems to reduce hardware damage in the unlikely event of a fire. One Wilshire was built to seismic code as Los Angeles’ premiere skyscraper in 1966, is rated to endure a level 8.6 earthquake and is regularly monitored and inspected to maintain code.

All equipment is backed by N+1, Redundant, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Systems and battery backup. Additionally, over 40,000 gallons of diesel fuel is kept on hand to increase emergency power capacity by another 48 hours.

The individual server cabinets are powered by Dual 20 Amp Power Circuits, each on their own UPS System to provide a fully redundant power supply. Liebert AC units maintain optimum temperatures to cool each cabinet.

High Quality Network

When it comes to network quality, not all bandwidth is created equal. We utilize absolute premium providers (SAVVIS, Mizma, Global Crossing) to assure rock-solid, lightning fast, global connections and superior performance. In the Telecommunications Industry, SAVVIS ranks along with the Supreme Tier 1 networks in the world. Their global IP infrastructure and network provides service for organizations like the New York and American Stock Exchanges, The Department of Defense and The US Navy. Global Crossing provides Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific connections for clientele including more than 35 percent of the Fortune 500, and over 700 carriers, mobile operators and ISPs.

Dedicated, On-Site Management

Delivery Hosting contracts a fanatical team of experienced server administrators and technicians that are on premises in One Wilshire constantly. They are on shift and have physical access to all servers and networking equipment 24/7/365. Network stability, capacity and hardware is monitored every 15 seconds using automated software and notification systems. If a service reboot is required, the goal is to manage the process including Quality Assurance checks within 10 minutes.

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