Fast Servers

Extensive measures have been taken to produce a reliable, overly redundant platform that is closely managed and maintained to remain secure and stop problems before they start!

All servers are built with only server grade components, using quality Supermicro hardware along with the finest parts and cooling chassis. This ensures that web sites, databases and media are served at top speeds. Specific specifications for each server include:

  • Dual Core AMD Opteron 246 Processors
  • 6 GB of ECC RAM
  • Four 10.000 RPM, 74GB SATA Hard Drives
  • 400 GB Nightly Backup Drive
  • RAID 10, Constant Backup Array
  • Dedicated, Power Supply Unit

Fast Networks

To support top of the line server hardware and Global Tier 1 Networks, internal networking hardware is also best of breed. Web site requests are automatically analyzed and routed to the quickest network path in real real time to provide the most efficient service.

  • Cisco 6509 Flagship Network Routing Switch
  • 6 port GIG Blade and 10/100/1000 Blade
  • SUP720 Redundant Power Supplies
  • Cisco and Foundry Switches connected via gigE to the Core Switch
  • APC Reboot Switches
  • Cisco PIX firewall
  • 2 Cisco 12008 GSR
  • Multiple Gigabit Fiber Uplinks to Distribution Switches
  • 2 Cisco 2948G-L3

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