Our BLCS Services provide an additional tier of support for your business that extends beyond our responsibilities to maintain reliable operation and performance of
the servers.

This allows you to add additional expertise to your team as needed to provide assistance and consulting for special situations and issues that arise such as the following:

  • Setting up Custom MX Server Records
  • Interpreting Statistics for Web Site and Server Traffic
  • Developing Web Hosting Pans for Resellers
  • Supporting Reseller Clients
  • Server Repairs and Troubleshooting related to Client Side Issues
  • Content Mirroring and Distribution Strategies for Bandwidth intensive media
  • Implementing Targeted SPAM Control Strategies
  • Assessing Custom and 3rd Party Server Side Software
  • Assessing Security and Encryption Solutions
  • SSL Certificate Installation

BLCS Pricing

Our BLCS Services are provided with the following pricing model:

Hour(s) NeededCost

BLCS Availability

Our BLCS Services are scheduled based on our team’s current availability, during normal business hours. These services are intended to support hosting related business initiatives that are planned and considered in advance. We provide this level of support with two options.

Monthly Retainer

If you anticipate needing our BCLS Services regularly, we can work with you to estimate a regular hourly block to be reserved on monthly basis.

Clients that work with us on a Monthly Retainer receive the following:

  • Online Issue Tracking System
  • Dedicated Support Representative
  • Secondary Support Representative
  • Escalation Procedure provided in Writing

Our goal is to provide an initial response to any request during the same business day that it is submitted, and to provide a complete response to the initial topic of your inquiry within 24

To ensure that we are able to properly budget time for all of our clients we require the following:

  • Any requests or projects that are estimated to require 4 or greater hours must be submitted to your representative no later than the first 4 business days of the month.
  • Any requests or projects that will require 2 or more hours of attention need to be scheduled with your representative at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Any hours reserved for the retainer that are not used during the month will expire when the month ends.
  • Increase Requests or Decreases to the hours needed for an active monthly retainer must be supplied in writing by an authorized decision maker 30 days in advance.

Scheduled as Needed

Hourly BLCS Blocks can be scheduled and reserved on an as needed basis. This requires a minimum notice of 10 business days, and first available scheduling for your request or
project will be subject to our availability.

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